Mission Statement

NAFTA is a full-scale wholesale footwear company dedicated to helping customers sell quality product at great prices. With thousands of styles from the world's most popular brands, it's easy to find packs that fit your needs.


NAFTA began when two community-minded brothers started selling used name-brand athletic shoes to underprivileged families at local neighborhood markets. After those early grass-roots efforts, they began shipping truckloads of shoes, primarily to third-world countries where the need was greatest. This became the inspiration for NAFTA, and helped set the tone for this business.

Officially formed in 1993, NAFTA identified an opportunity to help brands carefully manage inventory and market channels. Through word of mouth, NAFTA quickly became a leader in the wholesale footwear market, offering thousands of styles of the world's best shoe brands at competitive prices.


We have shoes, apparel, and accessories from most well-known brands including adidas, Converse, Asics, Puma, Reebok, New Balance, and many others. Customers can choose from among different packs, depending on their specific market's needs.


NAFTA is dedicated to helping the community internationally by helping communities in need. NAFTA has worked with Red Cross, Unicef, and many other worthy organizations.

Typical NAFTA Distribution

Supplier ships to NAFTA

NAFTA mixes various brands into packages with only small quantities of any one brand in each carton.

International customers from around the world purchase and ship footwear from NAFTA.

Shipments travel to various countries around the globe.

Distributor sells in small villages and rural areas.