NAFTA is engaged in multiple reverse logistics programs with some of the best known brands in the world. We work closely with our partners developing long term solutions to handle their inventory needs.

Current reverse logistics programs include:

  • Store Stock Inventory – We work with a national retailers and manufacturers to receive goods back from their locations. Once received, we process, grade, sort, and package the goods for resale.
  • Sample Programs - We work with multiple brands to return their sales rep and corporate samples at the end of each season.
  • Insurance Recoveries – We purchase salvage opportunities across the country.
  • Customer Returns – We purchase customer returns from the best and biggest brands nationwide.
  • Off Price Goods - We purchase branded product from the most recognized brands in the industry.

We use a state of the art custom built inventory receiving system to gather and accumulate all of this data for reporting purposes back to our partners. Our relationships both domestically and internationally allow us to bring inventory in, accurately account for it, and sell it into the approved channels of distribution.