NAFTA has not only created a new foundation for extensive economic growth within the global market but over the years has set the standard for quietly disposing of excess inventory. NAFTA demonstrates an adaptive competence in the competitive wholesale-discounted market. We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain strong relationships with apparel mass retailers, manufacturers, and brands within the United States and internationally, to continuously improve our customer satisfaction.

With an ongoing opportunity to protect brands and help relieve them of excess inventory while quietly liquidating to maintain trusted partnerships, a new door was opened into merchandising. NAFTA possessed an advanced awareness of the importance of such an opportunity to work with the world’s leading apparel brands and instantaneously took action, offering their own expertise in unique methods of packaging and sales. With growing numbers of suppliers and invested associates along with a distribution network handling millions of items annually, we are constantly performing self evaluations to enhance efficient distribution into select global markets.

Entering into 2014, NAFTA continues to play a major role in contributing to such a diversified economy. Engaging in the best brands and working with leaders in manufacturing, NAFTA works to create an honorable legacy. We remain equipped with experienced, passionate employees, up to date with technological advancements, and stock our distribution facility with a mass multitude of brands, allowing us to make headway in innovation, while accelerating profit and product growth in the global market.